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May 8, 2011

Revenue-Based Financing a la Dylan

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A cheeky relative of mine created a mix tape (remember what those were, kids?) once upon a time, called “Songs By Bob Dylan, Sung By Other People So They Don’t Suck.”  This comes to mind as I review some revenue-based financing documents for RevenueLoan in a coffeeshop this Sunday, with Blonde on Blonde playing in the background.

Have a listen if this reference doesn’t ring a bell immediately:

Cultural icon?  Certainly.  Vanguard of a movement?  Mos def.  Musical genius?  Arguably.  Great singer?  Ehh…. not so much.

We here at RevenueLoan are psyched to be on the verge of announcing our first five investments.  Five amazing companies, five very cool entrepreneur/executive teams, five awesome yet wacky deals we’re sure a traditional VC or bank would never have done.

But I’m a little ashamed to say it’s been harder than it should have been.  The first five deals we closed were struck on a lightweight 1- or 2-pager term sheet — but ultimately didn’t get closed until we had the better part of 20 pages of legalese hammered out.  So, a double-thanks to our first few customers for sticking with us through the closing process.

At the risk of immodesty, I’d say we at RevenueLoan are finding ourselves in our “Dylan vocals” moment.  The song has staying power.  The album is going to go platinum.  But the vocals on the first studio cut … may not be what everyone remembers.

So, to our next five customers: stick with us, it gets better.  We’re working with our fine lawyer, Patty C. (but not a man named Bello moving around mysteriously), to streamline these docs.  And our amazing tech team is working to smooth the process, be it Web, email, or otherwise.

And we promise that RevenueLoan will be growing and morphing into the best financing experience for growing small companies.  The songs are being written … and eventually, better singers than Bob will be covering the lyrics:

…like our pal J.C.:

… or our Seattle hometown hero, J.H.:

[I really want to close by saying “Everybody must get RevenueLoaned” … but we really should ask folks to see our criteria and see if their business qualifies today, before applying for financing.]


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