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March 18, 2011

The Sound of Flocking Wings

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Angel Investors or blackbirds?

The sound of wings is deafening...

The sound of wings flapping around our heads is so deafening right now, we feel like Tippi Hedren in Alfred Hitchcock’s film, “The Birds”.

But these aren’t the wings of birds we hear, these are the wings of angels!

Angel Investors, to be exact.

It turns out that investors are tired of waiting for the companies they invest in to have their big IPO/Sellout to finally see any return on their investment (if they get any return at all). Our success at getting paid early and often on our portfolio of RBF loans has caused them to flock into our space like seagulls on a beached whale.

We definitely take some responsibility for inspiring all kinds of johnny-come-latelys to join us in this arena of investing, however. Randall Lucas of RevenueLoan spoke to the Angel Capital Association recently and presented Revenue Based Finance In Two Acts, which by all accounts went over well. We have many Angel Investor friends who have watched our every move very carefully, too. And now the Angel Capital Education Foundation has an excellent, in-depth article on “Revenue Capital” (same thing; yet another name) as an attractive funding model for Angel Investors to pursue.

Dropping the whole catty facade for a moment, we are quite honestly thrilled to see the number of people moving into the RBF lending field. The whole reason we started RevenueLoan was to fund those businesses who couldn’t get growth funding elsewhere. And, to put it as plainly as possible, even if we had a billion dollars to invest we would still have to turn good businesses away. So welcome all ye investors! Join us in helping grow business in America. That way we all win.


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