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October 28, 2010

After the wells run dry. Financing in a post credit card, post bank-loan world.

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Thomas Thurston graphs the decline in credit options and loan availability for small business owners, in this blog post.

So where can businesses go today to get the funding they need to grow to the next level?

At RevenueLoan we call these companies “money machines”. You already have customers and revenues, and you have a solid plan for how to invest $100-$500k to bump your revenues up to the next level. But who is going to give you money without taking an equity stake in your business or forcing you to personally guarantee the loan with your home or other personal assets?

The revenue-based finance (or royalty-based finance) model allows you to get the cash you need for expansion now, and pay it back from your increased revenues. This is a win-win situation since the investor’s and entrepreneur’s goals are tightly aligned. (Finally!) No more inflated valuations and pressure to sell out early, no more wondering if you are going to lose mom’s house because the economy had an unexpected burp.

The big payoff in the end is the bottom line benefit to the American economy. There are more than 22 million “small businesses” in the United States, and if we can help a few of them grow, hire more people, make more money, and support their local economy, then we have done a good day’s work.

Now go fill out our online application, and tell us what YOU would do if you got $250k before Christmas.


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